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American Diversity Report

Welcome to the American Diversity Report Podcasts where we interview movers & shakers and diverse change makers. Host: Deborah Levine

Nov 10, 2017

Interview with Carol Potter: A Woman's Surprising Journey from Harvard to Hollywood to Psychologist

May 24, 2017

David and his wife Linda co-founded the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center in Peterborough, NH. Mariposa's mission is to foster peace, global awareness, and understanding across cultural boundaries.

Stories are important and objects tell the stories of the people who make and use them. Working with...

Jan 6, 2017

Deborah Levine interviews Jan Levine Thal, Artistic Director of the Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre (Krass), Madison, WI. Krass supports women playwrights and directors but welcomes people of all genders in all other aspects of its work. In this interview she discusses why women's theater is the same and different from...